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I write code for a living — and for fun.

I get a kick out of coding software to organise and manage information (music, written fiction, personal notes, mindmaps, you name it). A few buzzwords for you: semantics, rich web apps, Hypermedia APIs, UX.

Since early 2012, I work as a full-stack software engineer for the Guardian, doing fun stuff with Scala, Javascript and REST APIs.

Before that, I worked for MediaSP, an East London start-up, building a white-label REST-based music platform for ISPs (think Spotify crossed with Twitter), with a server in Ruby, a Javascript web front-end and iOS/Android mobile apps.

I was also a contributor to the XMMS2 open source music player between 2006-2010, during which I designed and implemented the concept of Collections, create the new official CLI interface, and mentored several students for the Google Summer of Code.

Since November 2010, I’ve been the co-editor and all-around engineer for francophone electronic speculative fiction magazine Angle Mort, for which I developed an ebook production chain called Hypermonk.

Those days, I do mostly Scala, Ruby, Javascript, and the obligatory HTML/CSS. In the near to distance past, I’ve been known to write C/C++, PHP/MySQL, Java, even some Perl.

All this time, I’ve been living in emacs, and I believe in Git.

Contact: email, Twitter, Github, Ohloh