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“Music Player” session at the GSoC Mentor Summit 2009

Thanks to Google’s everlasting generosity, mentors from all Open Source projects that participated to the Google Summer of Code 2009 have flocked en masse to Mountain View to meet up and talk about code and drink beer. More in pictures in my Bay Area Flickr set, if you’re curious.

Sessions were organised spontaneously around various topics, and one of which, proposed by Amarok2’s Lydia/nightrose, was “Problems Audio Players face today”. Which resulted in 15-20 people from various projects (incl. Amarok2, Rockbox, Maemo, XMMS2 & others) talking about solving problems encountered by all music player developers (e.g. lyrics and cover art fetching), as well as features on our beloved users’ wishlists (portable player support, tags, musicbrainz, etc).

And if you weren’t there, don’t despair, for I just (finally) posted minutes for this session on the GSoC wiki. Some interesting ideas in there, so go and have a look, and get to work!