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Dance to the FOSDEM ‘09 beat

Over last weekend (February 6-8), I shared a fantastic time in Brussels with people from the XMMS2 team (and a few thousands over geeks and almost as many beers). We got together, mostly off our Google Summer of Code money, and spent some IRL time thinking of how to make XMMS2 better. Thanks to everyone who was involved, it’s been great fun!

Although tilman and DraX hacked fervently on GenIPC, most of what we worked on wasn’t code, but rather discussions on the organisation of the project, the status of projects waiting to be merged into the main tree (GenIPC, service clients, collections 2.0), as well as future projects we want to explore, such as mergestatus (a pimped up iteration of the merge page) and an official GUI (yes!).

The main issue we identified with organisation is the lack of clear vision of where we are heading. Projects like GenIPC or mergestatus are being worked on without a general and agreed upon (let alone written down) specification of all they entail. The decision we took was to try to get tru back into a role of project manager and require proper wiki pages to be written about all the major features that are being developed. I personally want to start blogging more about thoughts and projects I’m working on (I know I’ve said it before, but this time it is true).

Saturday Night Hacking

Saturday Night Hacking, by theefer

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